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Transitions Optical TV ad shot in Africa

Transition Optical is launching a TV ad called the ‘Live Your Vision' ad in South Africa in April 2009. The commercial, conceptualised by Saatchi & Saatchi New York and shot in Africa, will also be broadcast on the National Geographic Channel in Europe and Africa.
The ad is part of Transitions Optical's global campaign creating awareness of the harmful effects of UV rays.

According to a statement from the company, in 2008 the sale of Transitions lenses increased and more business was generated as a result of Transitions Optical actively advertising its brand on TV. Lens casters, labs and optometrists saw their turnover of Transitions lenses grow compared to figures noted in 2007.

“We are basing our decision to advertise again on TV on the excellent results we have seen over the past few years, and we're hoping to get even more customers into stores asking for Transitions lenses by name,” explains Richard Pearson, Transitions Optical SA country manager.

The commercial features a wildlife photographer who spends time in the wild capturing the life of exotic animals in their natural habitat on film. As he relies on his eyes for his work, he relies on Transitions lenses to help protect him from the potential damaging effects of ultra violet rays. He knows he needs to care for his sight in order to live his vision. The ‘Live Your Vision' TV commercial aims to highlight the benefits of Transitions lenses as well as the importance of eye-care.

Transitions Optical is also hosting a photo contest for viewers to win a National Geographic Expedition to Bhutan. The campaign also involves print advertisements, linked to the TV advertising, which will appear in the English editions of the National Geographic Magazines in Europe and Africa. Online advertising will also feature on which leads through to the entry form for the contest. The competition will run from 6 April until the end of May, consumers can submit their images in three categories: life in colours, nature, people and culture. The grand prize winner will win a 13-day expedition with National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier to Bhutan. Participants can register on

Steve Winter, a National Geographic photographer featured in Transitions Optical's online advertising campaign will be judging the contest.